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Sunday 7 April 2024

April 1, 2024-Daily Current Affairs Quiz

 April 1, 2024-Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. Recently, which institute hosted the International Chess Federation (FIDE) rated chess tournament?

[A] IIT Madras

[B] IIT Kanpur

[C] IIT Delhi

[D] IIT Hyderabad


Correct Answer: A [IIT Madras]


IIT Madras hosts the 6th Shaastra Rapid FIDE Rated Chess Tournament from March 30 to 31, 2024, in Chennai. It’s the sole IIT in India to conduct an annual Open Rapid Rating Tournament. Over 35 players from IIT Madras join, alongside international players from countries like Australia, England, America, and Singapore. Notable participants include six grandmasters, sixteen International Masters, three female grandmasters, and a Woman International Master.

2. Cumbum valley, recently seen in news, is located in which state?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Karnataka

[C] Maharashtra

[D] Kerala

Correct Answer: A [Tamil Nadu]


Cumbum Valley, known as the “Grapes City of South India,” is known for Panneer Thratchai grapes, comprising 85% of India’s production. Introduced in 1832 by a French priest, these grapes thrive year-round, unlike elsewhere. Recognized for its rapid growth and early maturity, it earned a Geographical Indication tag in 2023. Cumbum Valley’s grapes, rich in nutrients, are used for wine, spirits, and more. Its location in Tamil Nadu’s Western Ghats adds to its allure.

3. Gagan Shakti 2024 exercise, recently conducted by Indian Air Force at which place?

[A] Jaipur

[B] Pokhran

[C] Jodhpur

[D] Ajmer

Correct Answer: B [Pokhran]


The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to conduct ‘Gagan Shakti-2024’, the nation’s largest air military exercise, involving all Air Force stations. Held every five years, it will commence on April 1, 2024, at Pokhran’s field firing range. Approximately 10,000 airmen will participate, with maneuvers spanning the Western and Northern fronts. The Indian Army is aiding logistical support, ensuring synergy across sectors for operational rail mobilization.

4. Recently, who was honored with the ‘International Culture Award 2024’?

[A] Rizwana Hasan

[B] Meena Charanda

[C] Najla Mangoush

[D] Taif Sami Mohammed


Correct Answer: B [Meena Charanda]


Professor Meena Charanda, Principal of Kalindi College, Delhi University, received the ‘International Culture Award’ in 2024 for her exceptional contributions to education and social service. The honor was bestowed upon her at the India International Center on March 30, 2024.

5.What is ‘Stargate’, recently mentioned in the news?

[A] Black hole

[B] Meteorological satellite

[C] AI Supercomputer

[D] Nuclear powered submarine

Correct Answer: C [AI Supercomputer]


Microsoft and OpenAI are jointly embarking on a $100 billion project to create “Stargate,” an AI supercomputer. Scheduled for launch in 2028, it follows OpenAI’s AI upgrade in 2022. The project aims to surpass existing data centers’ capabilities by 100 times. Divided into five phases, with Stargate as the fifth, a smaller fourth-phase supercomputer is slated for release in 2026. Significant costs will be allocated to acquiring essential AI chips.


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